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Mole removal service toronto

Mole Removal

We all have pigmented cells which reside in the skin which are responsible for our colour. A mole is a cluster of these pigmented cells which have been grouped together to reside on the skin. The colour may also be faint to dark and may darken with the sun. It is likely that if you have a mole you may notice it darken with age. Moles may or may not be raised. In general, moles are very common however many are not comfortable with the appearance of them. For this reason Bellair Laser Clinic offers quick and easy mole removal.

How Does Mole Removal Work?

At Bellair Laser Clinic we remove moles via electrosurgery. This means we use a special device called a bovie which cuts, dries out, coagulates and destroys/removes the mole tissue. The device is directed as not to disrupt surrounding tissue. The procedure if quick and does not involve blades as traditional methods. In addition to mole removal, we can also removal skin tags with the Bovie which is a growth in the skin caused by superficial blood vessels. For more information please contact us for complimentary consultation.

NOTE: Individual Results May Vary

Mole Removal FAQs

How Many Treatments Are Required?
Usually only 1 session is required. In rare cases a 2nd treatment may be required for very large moles.
What Will The Area Look Like Post Treatment?
Post treatment the area will look like a scab. It will then heal at the pace your body usually takes to heal from a cut.
Is there bleeding involve?
With traditional methods where a blade is used bleeding was inevitable. With Bovie, there is little to no bleeding since we are coagulating the area while removing the mole. This also makes for less risk of infection and easier healing.
How much is mole removal?
At Bellair Laser Clinic we charge $150 for small moles and $200 for larger moles.