Liposonix Non-Invasive Liposuction

Bellair Laser Clinic is proud to be offering the most effective non-invasive treatment for fat loss. The Liposonix uses deep heating ultrasound technology to reduce unwanted fat cells in one hour treatment. The Custom Contouring capabilities of Liposonix System target fat around your waist line, including the most popular abdomen and love handle areas. This revolutionary treatment is perfect for people who are close to their ideal size but cannot seem to get rid pockets and areas of unwanted fat. The Liposonix can give you the shape you always wanted. The Liposonix is highly versatile, allowing you to precisely target your areas of concern. Many people choose to treat a variety of areas on the body. To determine which areas of body each client should treat, a complimentary consultation is recommended prior to treatment.

Liposonix Procedure

The Liposonix Treatment will take approximately 1 hour per area. The sensation of the ultrasound waves will feel like a deep heating within the fatty tissue. For those who are concerned about possible discomfort, a pain medication can be prescribed. You can arrive 45 minutes prior to your treatment in order to have the medication take full effect. Immediately after your treatment you will experience a slight tender feeling and redness for approximately 4-24 hours.


There is no required after care for the skin or fat after your treatment. If you chose to take a pain medication to help with the ultimate comfort of your treatment, you should arrange for an escort home. The area may have some visible bruising for 1 week post treatment. The use of Arnica can help eliminate this side effect. Minor discomfort may occur when performing strenuous activities or when pressure is applied to that area for the week following your treatment. You may return to normal activity 8 hours post treatment.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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Liposonix FAQs

The skin will continue to feel warm for up to 24 hours. The skin will appear red for 24 hours and bruising may appear for up to 7 days. Arnica is suggested in order to subside the bruising and the tenderness associated with it. Other than the local sensation on the area treated, you should be able to return to normal activities after the pain medication has worn off.
Pain medication is not required however many opt to use medication to manage the treatment. For those using the option of pain medication, we ask you to come in 45 minutes prior to your treatment in order for the medication to activate. Once the procedure begins an area such as the abdomen would take approximately one hour to complete.
You will require only one treatment per area for 1-4 inches loss. In areas where excessive fat is present, you can perform 3 sessions approximately 2-3 months apart.
The Liposonix immediately starts to destroy the fat cells. The body will take 1-3 months in order to start breaking down the fat cells and disposing of them. The optimal results will start being seen after 3 months. If your BMI is outside of the recommended range, your optimal results will occur the months after your third treatment.

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