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Carboxytherapy Hair Loss Treatment Toronto

Carboxytherapy is a unique procedure offered at Bellair Laser Clinic for hair restoration which is an injection of C02 gas below the skin with the use of a 30.5 gauge mesotherapy needle. We are the leaders and pioneers in Canada for carboxy therapy treatments for the use of hair restoration. Carboxytherapy is used for the treatment of hair regrowth or hair loss. Carboxytherapy works as follows; it improves circulation at the injection site by forcing red bloods cells to release oxygen and pick up C02 to be eliminated by the body. This process of oxygenating the area of concern allows for improved healing and nourishing of the hair follicles. For hair rejuvenation, the injection of C02 has a vasodilation effect which allows for the increased nourishment of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp for increased hair growth and stabilization of hair loss. It is a great natural hair loss treatment and works wonders in combination with low level laser therapy for hair loss. Carboxytherapy started in France and has been widely used for over 70 years with no major side effects. Its aesthetic use is now commonplace in Europe and is now gaining popularity in North America. Bellair Laser Clinic is a leading provider of carboxytherapy in North America.

Bellair Laser Clinic offers well-priced, safe carboxytherapy treatments administered by a nurse. People spend thousands of dollars on expensive treatments for cellulite, stretchmarks, hair loss and fat reduction. Make a change and try carboxytherapy! It really works!

Although Carboxytherapy is effective in of itself, we do recommend combination therapy for long lasting results. Muliple treatments are required for best results. Visit us for a complimentary consultation to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.

*Please be advised that individual results may vary

Carboxytherapy Hair Loss FAQs

How Is Carboxytherapy Performed?
CDT is a non surgical technique where by CO2 is infiltrated into the scalp via the smallest needle available (30G X ?? in). From one injection point the carbon dioxide diffuses easily into adjacent tissues. Treatments take 15-20 minutes.
Is Carboxytherapy Toxic?
No. Not when injected. Carbon dioxide is a non embolic gas produced by each cell in our bodies as a byproduct of cellular metabolism. During a standard laparoscopic procedure up to 20 liters are injected into the abdomen with no ill effects; During a Carboxy Therapy treatment no more than 1 liter is injected.
Is It Painful?
No. Often described as uncomfortable, yet 95% of patients find it tolerable enough to complete the required sessions. As a result of the increased circulation, the treated area will be red and feel warmer for up to 20 minutes.
How Long Will The Benefits Last?
For hair loss monthly treatments may be required depending on your results.