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Votiva Plus90

Bellair Laser Clinic is proud to offer Votiva Plus90, an effective, noninvasive program designed to help women regain control and confidence. For too long, many have suffered in silence from the distressing effects of stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Through gentle therapies and targeted exercises, Votiva Plus90 strengthens the pelvic floor muscles to restore bladder control and relieve embarrassing leakage symptoms.

SUI, commonly caused by weakness in the pelvic floor, impacts nearly one in four women. The constant worry and management of “accidents” can take a significant emotional and social toll. At Bellair Laser Clinic, our specialists have developed Votiva Plus90 using a multi-faceted approach to target the underlying issues causing incontinence.

The Votiva Plus90 program combines customized pelvic floor physiotherapy with at-home exercises tailored to individual needs and schedules. Under the guidance of our experienced physios, patients learn safe and effective muscle-strengthening techniques. Complimentary therapies like thermal balloon treatment work to further improve tissue elasticity and bladder support.

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“I was hesitant initially, but Votiva Plus90 has completely changed my life. I no longer worry about ‘accidents’ and feel like myself again. The program works – I highly recommend it!” – Jessica,
Jessica’s experience reflects the transformative impact of Votiva Plus90, as reported by many others. Through gentle, targeted therapies and a commitment to the daily exercise plan, patients see lasting improvements in as little as 12 weeks. Regular follow-up appointments ensure techniques continue to effectively meet individual goals.
The physio-led program is designed with busy lifestyles in mind. Exercises require only 5-10 minutes daily for optimal results. Plus, 90 coaching is also available for remote patients, complementing in-clinic treatments. With no need for surgery or downtime, women can regain control privately and discreetly without disrupting their daily routines.

At Bellair Laser Clinic, our specialists aim to restore physical comfort and psychological well-being. We understand how losing bladder control can diminish the quality of life and self-esteem. Through our holistic and effective Votiva Plus90 program, hundreds of women have reclaimed confidence, freedom and happiness.

It’s time to take back your life. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today to learn more about the Votiva Plus90 difference. Our clinicians will assess your needs and goals and design a personalized plan for sustainable relief. Discover how strengthening exercises and targeted therapies can help you feel amazing daily without worry or limits.

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