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Skin Tag removal Toronto

Skin Tag Removal Treatment in Toronto

What is a Skin Tag?

A skin tag consists of tissue fibers, ducts, fat cells, and nerves. The exact cause of skin tags is unsure but it is believed they may develop when clusters of collagen and superficial blood vessels get trapped under thicker pieces of skin. It is a small, soft benign skin growth which is often removed for cosmetic purposes.

How Does Skin Tag Removal Work?

At Bellair Laser Clinic we remove skin tags and moles via electrosurgery. This means we use a special device called a bovie which cuts, dries out, coagulates and destroys/removes the unwanted tissue. The device is directed as not to disrupt surrounding tissue. The procedure if quick and does not involve blades as traditional methods. In addition to skin tag removal, we can also remove moles with the Bovie which is a growth in the skin caused by a cluster of pigmented cells. For more information on Skin Tag Removal in Toronto please contact us for complimentary consultation.

NOTE: Individual Results May Vary