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dermamelan® is the depigmentation method that provides an intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentations while regulating melanin overproduction, controlling reappearance of new spots in the long term.

A cutting-edge formula

dermamelan® method combines the experience of mesoestetic® in the field of hyperpigmentation with the latest scientific research and the application of new technologies for its development:

Big data

Artificial intelligence

Computational design

Two patents supporting its Innovation

Unique combination of three selected active ingredients formulated at optimum concentrations, for a high-synergism therapeutic response in the interaction with key pigmentation targets.(1)
Own molecular design. Its molecular structure and 3D conformation provide a high specificity and safety in the inhibition of the activity of tyrosinase enzyme.(2)

Transepidermal vehiculation systems

Multilamellar nanovesicles with targeted action
Carries and releases active ingredients selectively and improves their stability.
Technology that allows the formation of microchannels to improve permeability and facilitate that the active ingredient reaches its site of action.

Actions & Mechanisms

The latest medical-scientific developments in the field of hyperpigmentation have enabled us to identify new molecular targets responsible for the disease.

dermamelan® has been formulated specifically to act effectively and synergistically on the main key targets in the skin hyperpigmentation process. Its dual corrective and regulating action achieves a unique integral treatment to remove the existing spots and prevent their reappearance.


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products for medical use only

dermamelan mask

Facial mask for professional use.
Efficiently removes the melanin deposits built up in the stratum corneum, reducing the existing pigmentation.
Actuation time of four hours, regardless of the skin phototype.
10 g jar

dermamelan ion mask

Hydrogel facial mask for professional use.
Containing depigmenting active ingredients with corrective action.
The ionic technology creates microchannels that facilitate transepidermal vehiculation.
Actuation time of four hours, regardless of the skin phototype.
20 g mask

The full dermamelan®method must be performed to achieve the target result

The action of the method products ensures:

    • Higher depigmenting efficacy.
    • Greater comfort during treatment long term.
    • Lower risk of repigmentation.

Compliance with the home regimen is essential to meet the depigmenting objective in the short and long term

products for home use

dermamelan treatment

Facial cream for home use.
It exerts a gradual corrective action and an intensive regulating action. It acts at two regulation levels:

  • It inhibits melanin synthesis in the melanocyte, controlling the new formation of pigment.
  • It regulates the main known targets that cause melanocyte overstimulation.

airless 30 g

melan recovery

Facial balm for home use.
It returns nutrition and balance to skin that has been subject
to tissue renewal treatments.
It relieves and reduces sensitivity, providing comfort in case
of inflammatory signs and redness.
50 mL tube

mesoprotech®melan 130 pigment control

Facial sunscreen for home use.
Very high sunscreen with colour, of maximum efficacy and safety against 131 UVB and 67 UVA. It protects the skin and helps control skin pigmentation.
50 mL bottle

In-vitro efficacy studies

Other complementary depigmenting solutions
+ Professional medical products

An evolution in the field of hyperpigmentation using the latest medical-scientific developments.

Formulae with synergistic and complementary action in the different targets of the pigmentation process.

Systems of vehiculation and penetration for maximum efficiency of the active ingredients.

The only depigmentation treatment with all-in-one corrective, regulating actionat two levels.