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CarboxyTherapy Stretch Mark Treatment

Carboxytherapy is a unique procedure offered at Bellair Laser Clinic which is an injection of C02 gas below the skin with the use of a 30.5 gauge mesotherapy needle. The treatment is virtually painless and quick. There is no downtime with this procedure.

Carboxytherapy is used for the treatment of stretchmarks, scars, cellulite and overall skin rejuvenation. Carboxytherapy works as follows; it weakens improves circulation at the injection site by forcing red bloods cells to release oxygen and pick up C02 to be eliminated by the body. This process of oxygenating the area of concern allows for improved healing by nourishing the skin and by building collagen and elastin in the area. This is a natural reponse from the body. The process of building collagen and elastin leaves the skin tighter, brighter and smooths out cellulite, stretch marks, scars and wrinkles.

Carboxytherapy started in France and has been widely used for over 70 years with no major side effects. Its aesthetic use is now commonplace in Europe and is now gaining popularity in North America. Bellair Laser Clinic is a leading provider of carboxytherapy in North America.

Carboxytherapy is often combined with Fraxel laser treatments or microneedling for the ultimate stretch mark repair treatment. Multiple treatments are required for best results. Visit us for a complimentary consultation to learn more about our stretch mark treatments.

NOTE: Individual Results May Vary

Carboxytherapy Stretch Mark Removal FAQs

How Is Carboxytherapy Performed?
CDT is a non surgical technique where by CO2 is infiltrated into the subcutaneous fat via the smallest needle available (30G). From one injection point the carbon dioxide diffuses easily into adjacent tissues so you won’t feel like a pin cushion. Treatments take 15-20 minutes.

How Does Carboxytherapy Work?
Carboxy Therapy works in three complimentary ways. First, when injected into the subcutaneous fat CO2 mechanically breaks down the fat (lysis). Secondly, it produces a strong vasodilatory effect, increasing blood flow to the area which stimulates the metabolism of fat and remodelling of scar tissue. Finally, improved circulation means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the skin stimulating the production of collagen which revitalizes the skin’s texture and firmness, and thus improving the skins appearance.

Is Carboxytherapy Painful?
No. Often described as uncomfortable, yet 95% of patients find it tolerable enough to complete the required 10 session. As a result of the increased circulation, the treated area will be red and feel warmer for up to 20 minutes.

How Long Will The Benefits Last?
For stretchmarks or scars the results are long lasting. Once we improve the skin collagen, the results are not easily reversed unless you develop more scars or stretch marks in the area due to weight gain. Multiple treatments are required to achieve great results.